Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're Pregnant!!

First of many pregnancy test on February 11th!! We're going to be PARENTS!! Seriously one of the best moments in my life!!! :) 

This is how we told our family and friends:

We are expanding our family by two feet!!

I am now 6 weeks!
We are so thrilled about this journey in our lives. I have always dreamed about the day I become a Mom and how special that day is  going to be. I can't wait to be holding our precious baby!
Shane has been so awesome during the couple of weeks of me processing all the new changes my body is making. I haven't been extremely sick, just nauseous all day and night. I am blessed so far to not be hugging the toilet. I am constantly tired, but also will be officially done with Internship on Friday so that is a blessing. I passed my last big test for graduation and now just ready to walk across the stage and get my diploma in May! (FINALLY!!)
A big plus to being done with school is I will be able to focus on resting and Baby Reed after spring break! Woo hoo!!